Wine Spa

UNNICO SPA has begun its international expansion, this time with the design, construction and management of a wine themed spa. This Vinotherapie Spa is located inside of Kvareli Eden Hotel, in the oldest wine producing region of the world, 135km from the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Wine Spa Kvareli is born to give a push to the tourism of the region, and to pay homage to the excellent properties of the wines and grapes from the Kakheti region. This Spa has also helped the local population by training our workforce on Customer care, Massage treatments and High-quality service.

The location of our Spa, in an exuberant natural area, has allowed us to specially design the whole complex on the wine growing theme. Our Spa has been designed as a Wine therapy paradise, and it is the only of its kind in Georgia, and in Caucasus region. This is a differentiating factor for the current tourism market.

At UNNICO SPA, part of Grupo Sasoibide holding, we are specialist in Spa design, construction and management, being Vinotherapie one of our areas of expertise. Living proof of our quality in Spa projects is the Wine & Oil Spa in LaGuardia (La Rioja region, Spain). Our Spa was the 2013 global winner of Wine services from the Great Wine Capitals Network awards for excellence. This Wine & Oil spa was a project fully designed and constructed by Unnico Spa, and taken care of by our trained massage therapists and high quality cosmetics.

The aim of the Kvareli Eden Wine Spa project was to create a specific Winetherapy spa, to connect with the winemaking tradition not only through the smell and palate, but also through the senses. Join us and immerse completely in the history and tradition through a sensory experience of health, beauty and total relaxation.

All Wine Spa spaces are designed with the best quality materials imported directly from Spain. They follow a modern and avant-garde design fully integrated with the Georgian wine growing theme to offer "Winetherapy" treatments.

Natural elements such as stone and wood are perfectly combined on walls, floors, ceilings or decorative pieces as some strains covered in gold leaf highlight the importance of Georgia's greatest treasure, wine, and take us to the interior of the wine cellar area.

Kvareli Eden Wine Spa  offers a wide range of treatments based on grapes and wines, all combined with our beauty and health signature cosmetics line; Maddi Ayarza Cosmetics.